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Personalized, holistic care for children of all ages at Heber Valley Pediatrics

We believe that wellness is more than just the absence of disease. It's about feeling your best physically, mentally, and emotionally. You deserve to live life abundantly.
That's why we offer a variety of wellness services such as:
Newborn Care
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Pediatric Care
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Physical Exam
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Developmental Disorders
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Wellness Exam
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Childhood Anxiety
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Fracture care
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Same day appointments available.
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Why Heber Valley Pediatrics?

We consider the physical, emotional, and developmental needs of each child.

Yearly Wellness Exams

Nurture their health from day one with comprehensive yearly wellness exams from the best pediatricians in Utah. 

Personalized Care

Get the care that's best for your child with doctors who actually listen. We don’t believe in a “one-size fits all” regimen.

Age-Specific Care

From newborns to young adults, we’re here to build a relationship with you as they grow healthy & strong.

Wellness Exams

During a wellness exam, the doctor will check the child's height, weight, and vital signs. Wellness exams are an important part of preventive care and can help ensure that your child stays healthy. Depending on the child's age and needs, the doctor may also perform a physical exam, order lab tests, or give vaccinations.

behavioral health conditions

The goal of behavioral health care is to help children cope with their emotions, learn healthy behaviors, and function well in their lives. Behavioral health care is an important part of overall health care and can help children reach their full potential. Behavioral health care can include therapy, medication, and other interventions.

Newborn Care

The goal of newborn care is to help babies get a healthy start in life. benefits of newborn care for your baby include: early detection of health problems, prevention of diseases, monitoring of growth and development, and education about newborn care.
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What moms, dads, grandmas, uncles, & friends are saying

“Very helpful and informative. Made sure my daughter felt comfortable and communicated with her throughout her visit and answered any questions I had. Kept the environment fun and had a lot of accommodations for young kids to help entertain them while waiting both in the waiting room and in the exam room.”
“Dr. Larson is awesome!!! I took my 4 now adult children to him years ago. We just moved back to the area and I was delighted that I could now take my 13 year old son to him! Dr. Larson spends adequate time to understand the patient and explains everything in a way the child & parent fully understand. He is extremely knowledgeable. His nurse/assistant Albert is also amazing!”
“Appreciate Dr. Larsen’s knowledge of adhd and how he sees my child’s unique strengths and abilities. He makes my child feel seen and heard. He is also great at anticipatory guidance.”
“Dr. Dave is always thoughtful, kind, and friendly. My kids actually like going to the doctor because they like him so much.”

Next Steps

Get the care you need when you need it, whether it's a routine checkup or a more urgent matter.
Schedule a same day or future appointment at Heber Valley Pediatrics.
Chat with a provider about personalized treatment, payment, and insurance.
Get the care that's right for your child, wherever they are developmentally.
Review notes from your provider through our patient portal. Book a yearly exam ahead of time.
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What should I do if my child is sick after hours or on weekends?

    For after hours or weekend care we have a few options in our area. The 5 Minute Clinic is a cash based, walk in clinic that many of our patient will use. You can also visit the urgent care at the Heber Valley Hospital. For most of these visit, the provider you see will recommend that you follow up with your primary care provider. Please let us know if you had to visit another clinic and we can schedule needed follow up visits for your child!

  • How can I prepare for my child's appointment?

    For new patients, we will want to obtain a copy of your child’s records from your previous provider. You can request that from your previous provider prior to your visit or sign a release with us that we can send in to request those records. We will also want to know any medications that they are on (name, dosage etc) so we can assist you with refills.

  • What do I need to bring to my child's appointment?

    We ask that you bring a copy of your insurance information to each appointment so that we can confirm nothing has changed. This ensures that visits are processed smoothly and promptly by your insurance company. 

  • What insurance plans does Heber Valley Pediatrics accept?

    We accept all major insurance policies!

  • Can I book a same-day appointment for my child?

    Yes! Heber Valley Pediatrics reserves a few slots each day for same day sick visits. If your child is sick give us a call and we will do our best to get them in and provide the care they need!

  • Can I get advice from a pediatrician over the phone for non-emergency concerns?

    Any questions or concerns can be shared via your patient portal, via text or phone. We are always happy to help and answer any questions that you have! Questions that are diagnostic in nature, require a specific treatment plan or medication may require a visit with a provider. Should your specific need require a visit with a provider, the staff will be able to help get you scheduled for an in office or telehealth appointment.

  • Do you have any Spanish-speaking staff members?

    We have multiple staff members who are fluent in Spanish. They are able to help translate in a visit or assist you via phone, text or through the patient portal with scheduling and questions.